We noticed that each wish of a person has its own time, and the intersections of these wishes are miraculous synchronicities. Or, in some cases, they are the result of the lucky coincidence of people being at the same time in the same wonderful place: at the Black Church and its aura in the heart of Brașov. People come here for a taste of history, culture and spirituality; they form a communion from these values and allow them to inspire them.

History & Music

Blessed are those being carried away by the tales of the ancient walls, frescoes, and arches, by the lives that were lived before ours, with their own unique meanings. The spirit of a place is fraught with history, a spirit which inspires and urges us to reflect and discover. And if all this is accompanied by music, the gate onto which happiness enters our lives is conjured.

Gift Studio

When people are important to you, close and dear, you undertake an entire adventure to find a gift that will make them happy, that will suit them and remind them of the special spiritual or professional connection between you. Intending to offer the best answers to these questions, we have created our shop of unique gifts inspiring both the creator and the receiver.

Specialty coffee

A cup of coffee is always surrounded by thoughts, plans and emotions. Somehow paradoxically, a cup of coffee can reflect the person that is drinking it at a given moment through the calmness and inspiration that it offers him or her, through the sense of well-being that it induces, which breeds daydreams and creativity, proving that coffee itself is an area of self-communion.

INSPIRATIO is our community’s comercial concept. We invite you to visit us right in the ancient courtyard of the Black Church, Curtea Johannes Honterus, both at no. 8 (Gift Studio) and at no. 9 (our café). Both of them are situated vis-à-vis of the main entrance of the Black Church.

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