Good news: Organ Nights concerts are starting again in the Black Church

From 26 June to the end of September the Organ Nights concerts are back in the Black Church, a festival that has continued even in 2020 the beloved tradition of the summer organ season, uninterrupted since 1953. After a year in the open air, the festival returns to the Black Church, retaining the charm of a summer evening festival achieved last year: it will take place once a week on Saturdays from 6.00 pm, with an extended duration of 60 minutes, during which the audience will enjoy the sounds of the organs and the special acoustics of the monument.

This year, the protagonists will be guest artists from the USA, France and Romania, and the program of the 14 concerts will be attractive and varied, accompanied by the Buchholz organ or the other three organs in the Black Church, with works by famous composers.

A novelty of this season is the addition of solo instruments such as the clarinet or brass to the organ music, live projection on an indoor screen, online broadcasting and small historical incursions about organs in Romania – enough reasons to arouse the interest of music, history and heritage lovers.

These concerts are an integral part of the INSPIRATIO by history & music concept, a concept launched last year by the Black Church, whose mission is to preserve and enhance the heritage of this monument. With each participation, the public contributes to the preservation of the valuable heritage, including the restoration and conservation of special objects, repairs, tuning and maintenance of the organs, as well as increasing the cultural-historical offers for the general public.

In the years to come, this new approach and new perspective will strengthen through inspiring cultural actions the best known Brasov brand – the Black Church – and will open new ways for the general public to understand heritage.

The cost of a ticket is 20 lei, with children under 18 free of charge. Tickets can be purchased from the Monday of the week of each concert at the ticket office in the INSPIRATIO gift studio.

All legal requirements will be respected. If concerts are not allowed inside, they will be screened live in the courtyard in the specially designed area.


26 June 2021 – Renée Anne Louprette (USA)

3 July 2021 – Ursula Philippi (Prejmer)

10 July 2021 – Ciprian Dancu (Sibiu) – clarinet, Steffen Schlandt (Brasov) – organ

17 July 2021 – Students of the organ class of the Music Academy “Gheorghe Dima” from Cluj, coordinator Prof. Amalia Erdős

24 July 2021 – Steffen Schlandt (Brasov)

31 July 2021 – Miklós Noémi (Cluj)

7 August 2021 – Neumarkt Brass Quintet – brass (Tg. Mureș), Steffen Schlandt – organ

14 August 2021 – Erich Türk (Cluj)

21 August 2021 – Antal Eduard (Bucharest)

28 August 2021 – Paul Cristian (Brasov)

4 September 2021 – Eckart Schlandt (Brasov)

11 September 2021 – Organ Class of the Faculty of Music Brasov

coordinator Steffen Schlandt – Geanina Sălăgean (Bucharest) – Iulia Reitu (Ploiești)

18 September 2021 – Domenico Severin (France)

25 September 2021 – Brita & Jürg Falch-Leutert (Sibiu)

The Organ Nights Festival is financially supported by the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania.

The daily life of the Transylvanian Saxons in the 20th century in family photos

This charming documentary exhibition presents the everyday life of the Transylvanian Saxons in historical photographs.

It will be on display at the Honterus-Hof for one month from Sunday, 20 June, inviting you all to linger, learn, remember and enjoy with a glimpse into our history.

Anniversary concert

On April 17th, 1839, the inauguration of the organ created by Carl August Buchholz took place in the presence of our congregation and the master himself.

On April 17th, 2021 we will broadcast an online concert from the Black Church, where we will bring the history of this instrument and its contribution to the praise of God to our eyes and ears with music and words.

Link to the concert:

The traditional Organ Summer will take place again

The traditional organ summer will take place again in 2021. The festival has been taking place continuously since 1953. In addition to the large Buchholz organ, the three smaller instruments located in the Black Church will also sound. The musicians have prepared a rich program. Short video presentations of valuable historical organs from Romania will be again part of the program. Depending on the external conditions, the concerts will either take place as an open-air event on the Honterus-Hof or as an indoor event in the Black Church.

The program of the organ summer, but also other details, will be announced on our website and on our Facebook page Biserica Neagră – History&Music.