biserica neagra

Lime tree, Siberian crab apple and red maple – the new “tenants” of the Black Church courtyard

“He who plants trees loves others beside himself.” That’s what an English proverb says, and we all know it is true. We enjoy the coolness of the shade and the beauty of the trees that were planted and grown by those before us and we carry on this “duty of beauty”.

In the courtyard of the Black Church, we started by planting some aromatic trees, which aim to replace some historical trees that have done their share of joy over several generations and have done so with devotion, until their very last breath. We placed them with great care and attention, to create even more shaded areas with rest possibilities for passers-by. The trees planted are limetree , Siberian crab apple and red maple.

The species are adapted to the conditions of semi-shade and heavy soil. All, especially linden, contribute to improving air quality and complement the medieval ambience with a pastel color palette. Also, for continuity, the two lime trees replace a tree of the same species that was planted on November 3, 1883 and had to be removed in 2018, being completely dry.

The planting was carried out with the expertise of the architects Johannes Bertleff, Domnica Vișan and landscape designer Christian Voinescu. And this is just the beginning. In order to “put on the page” the other elements of the project for the redevelopment of the Black Church courtyard, submitted by the architects Johannes Bertleff and Andrei Şerbescu, considerable sums are needed, which require attracting additional funds.

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